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About Get Wet Scuba Divers

Get Wet Scuba Divers mission is to train prospective divers to experience the underwater world by providing them with an excellent training program based on the students performance and comfort level in the water and to inculcate in them safety conscientious attitude. In addition to the initial training, we provide our certified divers many opportunities to continuing their education. Get Wet Scuba Divers offers local dive trips as well as trips to exotic dive destinations in the Caribbean, South Pacific and elsewhere.

About Kathy Peper
Owner / Dive Instructor

Kathy was certified in 1979 on Long Island on the east coast. Kathy became a Naui Instructor in 1997and a PADI Instructor in 1998. Kathy had left the L.A. area in 1998 and moved to Roatan, a small island off the coast of Honduras in Central America, and lived there for a few months. After leaving Roatan Kathy came to Palm Springs to visit a friend and decided to stay here for six months.

I like scuba diving because it is being immersed in another world. The feeling of weightlessness is awesome. And swimming thru the kelp forest is like floating thru a forest. I get to meet a lot of very interesting people and travel, and I get to use some really cool scuba equipment.

I'm fascinated by prospective students fear of sharks. It is not unusual for a student to inquire on the likely hood of us encountering a shark on our ocean dives. I tell them that in all the years I've been diving in California I've never encountered a threatening shark. I had one student that was really afraid of sharks and a few years after he got certified he came into the shop with pictures of him diving with sharks in Tahiti. That was amazing.

Breathing underwater is not natural and some of my students really don't believe that the Regulator will give them air and they are just amazed when they stick their head underwater and are actually breathing without any water entering their mouth. Some of the expressions on their faces are priceless. Also, taking them to Catalina and they get to see all the fish and kelp. I've had students scream thru their regulators with excitement.


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